Materials for Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re replacing old cabinets or building a new home in the Greater Toronto Area, it can be hard to know where to start! Kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles, but the best place to start is to decide what kind of material you want.

Keep reading to learn more about kitchen cabinet materials so you can make a more informed decision.


Kitchen cabinets are commonly made out of wood. There are lots of different types of wood used for kitchen cabinets, but the most common is pine.

Pine is easily crafted and stained for customized kitchen cabinet looks. It’s most often seen in traditional or country style homes. When shopping for pine kitchen cabinets, consider the following:

  • Grain: Look for well-matched grains
  • Color: While you can always stain or paint wood, the natural color should be appealing
  • Construction: Wood kitchen cabinets come in lots of different styles, but dowels, rabbits, and dovetails last longer and look cleaner.

Wood kitchen cabinets can get pretty expensive, especially if you choose designs that require custom work or higher quality wood.


If you want the look of wood without the high price tag, check out laminate kitchen cabinets. Laminate is made from layers of paper, color, and proactive coating saturated in resin. The layers are heated and pressurized for durable fusion, and are therefore oftentimes heavier and stronger than wood. Laminate kitchen cabinets are hard to damage, and can be just as durable as your countertops.

Laminate kitchen cabinets are sold at most home stores and through kitchen remodeling businesses. They are available pre-made, so you can get them delivered and installed in a hurry.

You can find laminate kitchen cabinets in a wide range of styles and colors, from wood imitation and flat front to brightly colored and raised-panel. Laminate is one of the cheapest options for kitchen cabinets, but you should expect to pay more for higher quality, high-pressure brands.


Kitchen cabinets can also be made out of manufactured wood materials called substrates. Some types of substrates include:

  • Particleboardis made from wood particles mixed with resin. The particles are bonded together by high-pressure application. Modern construction advances make particleboard cabinets reliable and strong. Look out for low grades, though, as hinges and other fasteners can fall out.
  • Medium-density fiberboardis a high-quality kitchen cabinet material made from small fibers. These miniscule fibers allow for a stronger hold when it comes to screws, and cleaner cabinet edges. Fiberboard is easily painted for a customized look.
  • Plywoodis made with thin layers of wood stuck to each other by lamination. The grains are at right angles in alternate plies, helping with strength and durability.

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