Durham, Ontario kitchen remodeling

10 Tips For Durham, ON Kitchen Remodeling Budgets

Durham, ON kitchen remodeling can be expensive, so it’s important to have a clear budget before you get started. Your budget will keep your kitchen remodeling spending on track so you won’t over-stretch. But how do you make a good kitchen remodeling budget?  Durham, ON kitchen remodeling

 Read on for 10 helpful kitchen remodeling budget tips.   

  1. Set a Number – The average cost of a kitchen remodel is around $80,000, but you need to come up with a number that is comfortable with your finances. Once you choose a number, stick to it.  
  1. Understand the Costs – Common kitchen remodel costs break down like this: 35% cabinets, 20% labor, 20% appliances, 10% windows, 5% fixtures, 3% fittings, 7% misc. Understanding where your money is going will help you spend appropriately for your preferences.  
  1. Prepare for The Unexpected- There will be unexpected costs or issues, from previously unknown problems hiding behind walls to rot, breaks and more. Set aside 20% of your total budget for these unpleasant surprises.  
  1. List Your Priorities – Make a priority list of what’s most important to you, be it new cabinets, modern appliances or more storage. This was you will be sure to get the most important things done.  
  1. Decide Payment Details  Whether you’re paying up front, with a home equity loan, or a personal loan, make a payment plan up front. Be sure to take interest and loan origination fees into consideration.  
  1. Where You Will Stay – If you’re planning on staying somewhere else during the renovation, include that cost in your total budget. Do remember to include additional costs such as storage fees or moving help.  
  1. Eating Out – If you’re staying in a hotel or using a makeshift kitchen at home you will be spending a lot of money on restaurants and take out. Add that to the budget as well.  
  1. Stay Organized – Make a budget spreadsheet and update it often to stay on top of your spending. This makes it easier to keep track of where you are in your budget, so you can stop if you’re getting too close to the top.  
  1. DIY to Save – If you’re worried about going over budget, take on some smaller, safer jobs yourself to save on labor costs. Its not that hard to do some demolition or remove old appliances.  
  1. No Add-Ons– Once you come up with a budget and plan, stick to it. Don’t be tempted to add on more features, because then what would have been the point of making a budget? 

 If you follow the above 10 tips, your kitchen remodeling in Durham, ON will have a streamlined and useful budget you can easily stick to. If you need more help with your kitchen remodeling budget, reach out to Consumer’s Choice Home Reno. Located at 445 Finchdene Square Unit B, Scarborough ON M1X 1B7, Consumer’s Choice Home Reno is convenient for Durham, ON projects. Call us today at (416) 900-8353 to learn more about budgets and how we can help you.

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