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All About Wood Kitchen Cabinets for Unionville, ON

You use your kitchen cabinets every day, and they are a main focal point for your kitchen’s design. An easy way to get the best fashion and function for your home is to choose wood kitchen cabinets. Wood is a wonderful material in terms of longevity and aesthetic appeal, and it makes your kitchen cabinets in Unionville, ON a lovely part of your home.  Unionville, ON kitchen remodeling

 Natural hardwood kitchen cabinets are very stylish, and can have unique features that help yours stand out from the rest. Wood lends a traditional air to your kitchen, and is available is many different types. Since wood is natural, it often comes with special characteristics like:  

  • Burls – small swirls or twists without knots 
  • Sound knots – a solid knot without any decay 
  • Wormholes – small holes in the wood 
  • Sugar tracks – brown or yellow streaks that cover only part of the wood 
  • Heartwood – darker wood extending from the sapwood to the pith 
  • Sapwood – lighter parts to the wood that grow from inside to the bark  

 There are a few main types of wood kitchen cabinets that are most common and popular around Unionville, ON homes. Some of these common types are:  

  • Cherry – Cherry wood cabinets are famous for red undertones. While they may vary in color from dark browns to whites, they always have a smooth appearance and uniform texture.  
  • Maple – Maple kitchen cabinets are usually light in color, from white to creamy beige. They can come in a reddish hue, but are most commonly chosen for their subtle grain and smooth look.  
  • Oak – Oak is known for distinct grain patterns and can come in colors from white and pink to reddish brown. Oak kitchen cabinets can have colorful streaks because of mineral deposits.  
  • Adler – Adler kitchen cabinets come in light brown or red hues, and have straight, even textures with indistinct lines between the sapwood and heartwood.  
  • Hickory – Hickory makes for excellent kitchen cabinets as it has a naturally contrasting look and can range in color from blond to dark brown.  
  • Birch – Birch is creamy and smooth with a tight wood grain that’s heavy and durable. Birch is usually a white or soft yellow, but can also grow in darker tones.  
  • Walnut – Walnut kitchen cabinets have graceful grains and quiet brown tones. Their fine and straight wood grains can be quite colorful from chocolate to grey.  

 All of the above wood types are durable for years of enjoyment in your kitchen. Each one offers a different look, but since they are all beautiful you really can’t choose wrong.  

 Whether or not you choose wood for your Unionville, ON kitchen cabinets, Consumer’s Choice Home Reno is here to help. We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet services, and are more than happy to help you choose which materials are best for you and your home. Call us today at (416)-900-8353 or pay us a visit at 445 Finchdene Square Unit B, Scarborough ON M1X 1B7.  

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