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Ask A Kitchen Remodeler: How Do I Survive My Brampton, ON Remodel?

You’ve dreamed, planned, budgeted and purchased, so it’s time to begin work on your new kitchen! However, you might be feeling more than just excitement. Don’t feel bad, many homeowners worry or feel nervous about the remodeling process, as it can be pretty disruptive for day-to-day life.  

 That’s why we at Consumer’s Choice Home Reno had our kitchen remodeler Brampton, ON staff draw up this guide. The following tips and tricks will help you not only get through your kitchen remodel, but make it a breeze.  Brampton ON kitchen remodeler

 A Makeshift Kitchen  

 You obviously won’t be able to use your kitchen during the remodeling process, so you will rely heavily on takeout, delivery, and restaurants. However, all this eating out can be expensive and somewhat unhealthy. A great way to save money is by setting up a makeshift kitchen for the duration of your remodel.  

Clear off a table or a counter and set it up with a microwave, toaster, mini fridge, coffee maker or any other somewhat portable appliance you might need. Use paper plates and cups to avoid doing the dishes, or use your bathtub or laundry room sink to wash dishes.  

 If the weather is nice, don’t forget to use your grill and cook outside.  

 Other Tips 

 Its possible to reduce the amount of time your kitchen is out of commission. Don’t let the contractors start the demolition until all the new kitchen materials (except the countertops) are onsite and ready to be installed. This way you avoid any delays associated with slow deliveries and also prevent construction delays by making sure every item is correct. Contractors usually don’t order the final countertop measurements until the rest of the kitchen is installed to ensure a proper fit.  

 If all the materials are ready before the demolition, a kitchen can be installed in at little as three weeks. Some projects do take longer if there is intricate work or difficult installations.  

 Do remember that even with the most careful planning there will most likely be delays or unexpected issues. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be less stressed or upset when something comes up. Roll with the punches and trust your kitchen remodeler to deliver a great product.  

 The biggest tip is your frame of mind. Think about the renovation project as a grand adventure that has your dream kitchen at the end. Stay positive, and try to remember your initial excitement at the prospect of your brand new kitchen.  

 Don’t let the stress of a remodel ruin your excitement about your new kitchen! Simply follow the above tips and tricks, provided by professional Brampton, ON kitchen remodelers, for a seamless and low-stress remodeling process. If you want more information on the kitchen remodeling process, or what the options are for your home, Consumer’s Choice Home Reno can help. Visit our shop at 445 Finchdene Square Unit B, Scarborough ON M1X 1B7, or call us today at (416)-900-8353.  

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