Bathroom Friendly Plants For Your Home

Plants are a great way to finish off your Markham, ON bathroom remodel with fresh finesse. While your new bathroom might not be the first place you would think of putting a plant, a houseplant can help elevate your bathroom with natural beauty for a spa-like feel.   

bathroom remodeling in Markham, ON

Be sure to take the following into consideration when choosing plants for your remodeled bathroom:  

  • Natural Light – All plants need natural light to survive, but some require less than others. If your bathroom has large windows and natural light, you have lots of plants to choose from. If your bathroom lacks natural light, you must choose a low-light plant.  
  • Temperature – Bathrooms change temperature often, from chilly tile to humidity from a shower. Fortunately, this suits a lot of plants that thrive in tropical environments.  
  • Space – Most bathrooms are somewhat small, and it can be tough to find a spot for a plant. However, you can easily get creative to add a touch of green.  

There are a lot of houseplant options, but not all are ideal for a bathroom. Bathroom plants need to be tough, low light and high-humidity viable. Plants that fit these criteria include:  

  • Philodendrons – Philodendrons are tropical and require minimal care. These plants thrive under medium light, and can actually turn yellow if exposed to too much sun. A climbing philodendron is great for giving your bathroom a jungle-like feel.  
  •  Zanzibar Gems – Zanzibar Gems, or ZZ plants, are often called “eternity plants” as they are super easy to care for and keep surviving even if you forget to water them. ZZ plants only need occasional watering in the summer and none in the winter, and their glossy, oval shapes leaves give a fresh feel to a bathroom.  
  • Cast Irons- Cast Iron plants are the choice for you if you have a track record of forgetting to water your plants. These hardy options thrive in low light, high-heat and low watering environments.  
  • Ferns – Ferns are one of the first plants you think of when you picture a humid forest, as they do very well in hot, humid environments and bathrooms. Staghorn, Bird’s Nest, Boston, and Asparagus type ferns are all excellent choices for your bathroom.  

It’s easy to take your new bathroom to the next level by adding a plant. A bathroom plant, or even two or three, can help make your new bathroom a relaxing, natural space you will love to be in. Use the above guide to help you choose which plant will work best in your new bathroom so you can have that spa-feel without leaving your house.   

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