Custom Closets

Introducing… Custom Closets by Consumers Choice. 100% Canadian Made and Fully Customizable

  • Magic wall hanging system
  • 3/4 melamine
  • Upper crown moulding
  • Custom floor bases to match upper crown moulding
  • Doors come in standard white or java chocolate brown
  • Wood doors available
  • All materials produced from best Canadian mills
  • Unique design for locking shelves, never loosen
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • All shelves fully adjustable
  • Tie racks, laundry baskets, belt racks, shoe racks available
  • Unique oval rods for easy hanger on/off access
  • All rods adjustable
  • Jewelry drawer key locking, felt liners, assorted colours
  • All metal shelving, baskets and trays are stainless steel with chrome finish
  • Wide assortment of door styles and handles for custom closets
  • Center islands for large walk ins