Unionville, ON kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Features That Stand The Test Of Time

In the realm of home improvement, kitchen remodeling can be one of the biggest, most expensive and most impactful projects you can take on for your home. That’s why its imperative to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Unionville, ON kitchen remodeling project.   

kitchen remodeling in Unionville, ON

One easy way to maximize your new kitchen is to choose features that will last not only in style but also in function. Focus on the following features to maximize impact and function:  

  • Cabinets – Try and stay away from kitchen cabinets that are too trendy, as they might not look as stylish in 10 years. Go for sleek yet traditional choices, like Shaker.  
  • Sink – Your sink stands out in both style and function, so take care to choose one that will last. Farm-style sinks are always classic, and you can never go wrong with stainless steel.  
  • Countertops – Countertops can be pricey, but it’s usually worth it to spend the extra money on countertops that will last. Quartz and marble are durable and beautiful, and come in a wide range of colors to match your design.  
  • Appliances – You use your kitchen appliances every day, so you need to be sure they will hold up. In terms of style, vintage is both trendy and timeless. However, stainless steel modern appliances are durable and long lasting.  

The above features are important for both style and function. However, as your kitchen is the heart of your home, its OK to take time to think about design elements that will make sure you love the space for years to come.   

Some great design elements that will stand the test of time are:  

  • Beadboard – While wood paneling may seem too old-fashioned, it’s a design element that has never really left in terms of kitchen trends. Add some beadboard to your kitchen to blend old and new style for a timeless, traditional look. Beadboard is also durable and can easily be customized to match your kitchen’s shape.  
  • Neutral Colors – You can never go wrong with neutral colors. Stick with shades of white, earth tones, and polished silver to create a calming yet welcoming kitchen. If you want more color, add small touches like flowers, chair coverings or decorative items. This way, you can switch up the colors if you ever get bored, or if fashions change. 
  • Open Layout – While super trendy right now, open layout kitchens are consistently functional. An open layout will help make your new kitchen more efficient for both everyday life and special occasions as it leaves room for moving around and hosting large groups.  

Every homeowner has unique kitchen style preferences and functional needs, but the above features are long lasting across the board. These timeless kitchen features will help make your new kitchen a beautiful and functional space you can enjoy for years to come.   

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