Summertime Kitchen Remodeling

While kitchen remodeling is exciting and fun, it’s also pretty stressful! From scheduling contractors and not being able to use your kitchen due to dust, noise and other inconveniences, kitchen remodeling is a big undertaking.

So why not make the entire process easier on you and your family by doing your kitchen remodeling in the summer? Those warm and mild Toronto, ON summers are perfect for remodeling, keep reading to learn why.

1) Spend More Time Outside

What does everyone love about the summer? Spending time outside! Take advantage of all your extra outdoor time by doing your kitchen remodeling. People do more cooking and entertaining outside during the summer, and all those warm weather activities and events keep people away from home more often than in the winter. Kitchen remodeling work will seem less of an interruption when you’re out playing ball, hiking, going to BBQs, or other summer activities anyway.

2) Grilling 

In that same vein, it’s easier to cook outside in the summer, too! Kitchen remodeling projects obviously take your kitchen out of commission for the duration of the remodel, so you can’t cook. Instead of spending more money eating out all the time, take your cooking outside. The warm summer nights make grilling an easy choice.

3) See Samples in Strong Light 

Wintertime light is often muted or weak, while summer sun is bright and strong. Kitchen remodeling requires a lot of color choosing, be it for your cabinets, countertops, paint or backsplash. The summertime allows you to view color samples in better lighting so you can make the best choices for your new kitchen. Summer kitchen remodeling lets you clearly see how everything in your new kitchen will look together in the brightest conditions.

4) Open the Windows 

Any remodeling project creates lots and lots of dust. From drywall and sanding to those annoying Styrofoam pieces from packed appliances, you want to air out your home as much as possible during a remodel. Summertime kitchen remodeling lets you keep your windows open as much as you want without having to worry about cold or snow.

5) Flexible Scheduling 

Everyone has more flexible schedules in the summertime. The kids are out of school, maybe away at camp, and you might have vacation days from work saved up from the rest of the year. This added flexibility allows you to be more present during your kitchen remodeling in case decisions need to be made or unforeseen problems arise.

6) No Holiday Rush 

Everyone wants their new kitchen done in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas, so contracting businesses get super busy in the fall. Get a jump on your remodeling and beat the rush by doing it in the summer!

Consumer’s Choice Home Reno 

Whether you choose to do Toronto, ON kitchen remodeling in the summer or any other season in Toronto, ON, Consumer’s Choice Home Reno is here for you! Located at 445 Finchdene Square, Toronto ON M1X 1B7, Consumer’s Choice Home Reno is an easy choice for all of your kitchen remodeling needs. Call us today at 416-999-1123 to learn more about how we can help you.

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